Caleb With Curls will definitely keep you and your child entertained! He is a smart very eventful kid with tons of energy! We enjoy watching his videos, posts, lives, shows & his YouTube channel! They are real!! And very funny and may also give you knowledge. He and his team always make our days and have positive vibes… you all should go check him & his channel out! We love you, Caleb!

Ashley Gutierrez, Extraordinary Mom

I love to see my son get a chance to get together with his friends on the zoom Kids Happy Hours that Caleb with Curls has created. What an awesome idea! It gives my son a chance to chat with his friends and play fun games with them. Amidst the chaos of distance learning and the pandemic Caleb with Curls has created a perfect way to join our kids together and brighten up their day. Thanks, Caleb with Curls for creating such awesome events!

Susan Ayala, Amazing Mom


Kids Happy Hour with Caleb with Curls has been so much fun. I wish we had Happy Hour every single day!!!!!!!! My favorite part is getting to see friends and play BINGO. I like to have Caleb with Curls as a friend I can talk to and zoom with. You should definitely check out one of his events. You’ll have a blast!

Giovanni Ayala, Awesome Kid