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Live well

Live well

101 Ways to Live Well Everyday!


Join me on my journey to learn 101 Ways to Live Well Every Day! If your organization helps other people live well, I’d love to hear from you. I interview people about the wonderful things they are doing to help people be healthy and safe so they can thrive. Then I share their story on YouTube. The County of San Diego is also sharing my Live Well videos, so that others across our county can learn ways to live well too!

To get started, click below to fill out the form or if you have any questions, you can email my mom at

Caleb With Curls chronicles the journey of a five-year-old homeschooler. The Live Well Project is his kindergarten social studies curriculum for the year. While he receives guidance, suggestions, and referrals from the County of San Diego, this project is receiving no funding from the County of San Diego, and its costs are covered by the family.