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Dinosaurs Episode

Dinosaurs Episode

In the very first episode of Caleb with Curls, I showed one of the projects I created as a homeschool assignment. I also went to the San Diego Natural History Museum to visit the Ultimate Dinosaur Exhibit. This exhibit is in San Diego from February – September 2017. To learn more about this and other exhibits at the Nat San Diego, check out their website or visit them at Balboa Park.

This was one of the books that I read before I went to the museum, that had a ton of information about all different kinds of dinosaurs and where their bones were found.

Click here to for more information on this book.

This exhibit was very interactive. There were a lot of great stations that gave you a hands on look at some of the work that paleontologists do, as well as seeing how big the dinosaurs were. These were not your average dinosaurs either. The dinosaurs on display at theNAT San Diego are some of the less popular dinosaurs, so it was very cool seeing new species.

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