Caleb has been attending Tower Talent Studio West for acting classes for the past year and a half. What I thought was a cool experiment to see if he was “cute enough” to be in commercials, was actually a catalyst for uncovering his passion. It may seem a little crazy that a 3-year-old has a passion, but he truly is alive when he is engaged with an audience.


Now 5, Caleb still has not booked any paying jobs. For awhile, I was really discouraged about it. We even quit attending classes for about 3 months, so mommy could have a break… talk about a miserable child! This is not a hobby for Caleb! After some brainstorming and major prayer, we decided to try our hand at YouTube.


Caleb has wanted to be a YouTuber for the past year. He’s a huge fan of FGTeeV and HobbyKidsTV, but follows a ton of other YouTubers. One thing that we enjoy doing, as a homeschooling family, is taking a ton of field trips. So we just started taking the camera with us! We’re still sorting through the kinks and locking in the format, but at the end of the day, we’re making movement toward a goal. Caleb is also learning some great things about production and editing!


It takes a village for sure, so we had a consultation with one of Caleb’s acting coaches, Shewan Edward Howard, as well as recruited his Grandma and Uncle to be a part of the production team! Like I said, it takes a village!


Even if the show doesn’t get many views, the process has been well worth it!

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