Traveling to Hawai'i

By Caleb Preston Dade


Hello! This is just a story on my trip to the tropical island of Oahu in the city of Honolulu! My Grandmother was sad that she couldn’t bring me on a cruise to Alaska with her and my aunt so she had the idea to take me and her to Hawaii’! Wait, my mother is coming? Uhhh you saw nothing! 8 days getting everything ready. On the 28th of October we left! From San Diego to Honolulu. There was just one tiny problem, a 5 hour trip there! I took a nap, It helped a lot. Then we landed in the nice warm humid air of Honolulu, where there were beautiful animals and nature!

Caleb Dade traveling to the airport with mask on

Unpacking (Sorta) [Day 1]

Hilton Village Waikiki view to the ocean

When we arrived at the hotel it was HUGE! The room was 835, Floor 8 room 35. We had a TV with a free PS3 and a balcony so you could see the beach and the pool. But we started to unpack. Hours later still unpacking. We just didn’t really unpack. Gram was laying down watching her iPad so was I. And my mother was doing whatever she does.

Before we went on our trip, I had practiced swimming for 2 months, meaning when I got in that pool I was a pro! It was 8 pm. But I was so tired because there it’s 3 hours behind! Meaning in San Diego it’s 11 pm while in Honolulu it’s 8pm. So I went to bed.

Boy with curly hair and goggles looking out of the pool

Our First Activities [Day 2]

The second day we went to the U.S.S. Arizona and we went on a SUPER long bus tour there and we got some food waiting for the boat ride to the monument. When we were eating a bird attacked my mom! Not once, but twice! So she has a phobia of birds now I think. I got some great photos and I took my grandmother on a submarine, and traumatized her. She has a large fear of high places so she was breathing heavily and talking to herself. But it was cool to see the inside of it and how it looked! On the boat ride we saw some stuff with things that were weird. But we went into the U.S.S. Arizona ship and we saw a bunch of other stuff. 

At the end of the day we went to a restaurant named Dukes. We had to walk until we found it and we had to wait an hour. I was thirsty and the people didn’t check us in so we were sitting there. At least the food and drinks were good!

Boy with Curly hair smiling with bright green shirt

The Polynesian Cultural Center [Day 3]

Caleb with a tiki at the Polynesian Cultural Center

We went on a bus for an hour to get here. It was worth it; I learned a lot of things.  They had a play talking about Fiji, drummers, people who spin fire on a stick, stick throwing, fighting, copying the chief, the Luau, and canoes! They had their own villages to represent each of the Polynesian islands: Hawaii’, Tonga, Aotearoa, Fiji, Tahiti, and Samoa. Hawaii’ had huts and the Luau. Tonga had drummers. Aotearoa had Haka Dance Shacks, meaning the Training Games. Fiji had a play talking about themselves. Tahiti had weddings, spear throwing, and fishing. Samoa had sticks on fire and coconut tree climbing. It was a cool day actually! Very interesting. The Luau was something about this queen and how she got trapped in her castle, it talked about their history as well.

The ATV’s in Kualoa Ranch [Day 4]

The ATV’s in Kualoa Ranch were cool! We went on an hour-long car ride there. I fell asleep of course. We had to wait a while in line so we could get our helmet, safety glasses. They made us sign a form saying if we get hurt we can’t sue them apparently. When we got on we had to follow this person through the Jungle. Fun Fact. A lot of movies are made in Kualoa Ranch, like a famous one. Jurassic World. I got good videos of our trip. My mom drove through steep hills like a pro. I was looking around. There were so many cows it was like a farm! We took a video of where me and my family were running away from a fake dinosaur and I tripped and got eaten while they left me behind. Bad mother and grandmother alert. At the end we bought an Uber but they didn’t come because we were so far from the city they didn’t pick us up. Luckily a nice girl named Rachel took us to a place with a lot of lights away from the extreme dark. She drove us to a mall so we could get an Uber. Then we got home. Then I worked on an audition until 2 AM. WHICH WOULD BE 5 AM IN SAN DIEGO. I cried. Then I finished and went to bed.

The Spa Day [Day 5]

When I woke up. IT. WAS. TIME. Spa day! I asked my grandma if we could go to the pool and she said yeah. We got bathing suits on as we went to the pool. It was humongous! I walked in as the water was FREEZING. It was sooo cold. After that we went to the beach to just feel the waves as we gazed upon the most beautiful water combined with the view. Then we just chilled. We didn’t do too much, but we did go to a luau that night. Oh well.

Waikiki at Sunrise


First of all, I didn’t even get to finish the audition so I had to do it in the airport and take my mask off. Then packing was a mess as we had to do 2 flights because we didn’t have a direct flight to San Diego. Having to do all that annoying security things and wait was annoying. NOT ONLY THAT. IT WAS LIKE A 6 HOUR FLIGHT IN TOTAL. LIKE I’M LOSING MY MIND. Finally we got out of the airport, for good, as my mother’s friend drove us home. That’s my story from Hawaii’ to here. Yeah. Bye!

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