What I learned about wasting food

My mom and I were discussing how wasting food is harmful for the community and environment. I should say that my mom was telling me it was harmful, and I thought she was being dramatic. She gave me “the look”, and I thought I had better do some research.

Why wasting food is so bad

I discovered that when we waste food, we are wasting the time of the farmers who grew the food, and the truckers who transported the food. And the gas that they used to transport the food from the field to the market is wasted too. Sometimes we leave food to waste at the market because it doesn’t look perfect. This “ugly produce” is still healthy and nutritious. Worst of all is that we waste almost half the food that we buy, and there are people in our county who go hungry every day. 

What you can do about food waste

All I can say is, “Wow!” My mom was right. Wasting food harms the community, because we throw away food that hungry people in need could uses, and it harms the environment, because when we throw it away, it ends up turning into a gas that’s harmful for us to breathe. Who knew? You can learn too! Check out the presentation below to learn all about what you can do to help our community and our environment by not wasting food!

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