In my last episode, I visited 4 places that help people live well. There was more to tell. In this episode, I learned about even more places that help people to live well. Two places are helping people eat well, and I met a choir that helps people who have been without their own homes through music and caring.  I also learned that everyday people like you and me can help others to live well.


Feeding San Diego

Mr. Vince and I talked for awhile about what it means to be hungry and what a volunteer. It’s hard to believe that some kids like me, and some families don’t have enough to eat. But places like Feeding San Diego collect food and prepare it and put it in packages so that other places throughout the county can give it to the people who need it most. And Mr. Vince gets help from 16,000 volunteers to help 485,000 children, families and seniors! Amazing! Kids like me can help too. And whole families.

While I was in their warehouse, I colored some bags that will be given to children with fruit in it. The bags have fun messages and pictures to let the children know that people care about them and want them to be happy.

If you want to volunteer, you should visit the website at


Meals on Wheels San Diego County

Ms. Debbie and I sat down to talk about her work. She helps seniors who can’t leave their homes by taking meals to them. It takes a lot of planning and shopping and standing and chopping and cooking to make a meal. If you are older or can’t get around very well, it helps to have someone prepare the meal for you. I bet it feels great to be able to talk to someone for awhile, too. Sometimes the volunteers are the only people the seniors get to talk to. That’s what Meals on Wheels does all over the county. They work with 3,000 volunteers to deliver meals to thousands of seniors every day of the week. And the volunteers get a lot out of it too. They meet really interesting people who have lived amazing lives.

Ms. Debbie showed me around her building, where they are growing fruits and different plants that they cook with. Then she let me deliver a meal to someone with her and Mr. Willy. It was awesome!
I delivered a meal to Mr. Jameson. We sat and talked for awhile. He is a veteran. He loves the meals he gets, especially the beef and potatoes. And he is very thankful for the volunteers who deliver the meals to him. My great-grandma, Nonnie, receives Meals on Wheels three times a week. Sometimes people from the military come, sometimes children and families, sometimes other seniors. One time Mr. Willy came to the house. What a cool program! Each volunteer only has to spend 2 hours each day that they deliver.

If you want to volunteer, you should visit the website at

“Serving and Advocating for the Homeless Community Through Music, Poetry, and Art”:

Voices of Our City Choir

My music teacher Steph Johnson and a friend saw that people without homes were very sad. She knew that music can cheer you up and give you hope and help you forget your problems for awhile. So she started a volunteer choir of people who don’t have homes. They learn songs and sing in concerts. They cheer one another up and help each other or connect each other to help in the community. Some of their choir members have found homes, jobs, and friendships. And this is all because Ms. Steph and her friend Ms. Trudy felt really strong about it and decided to do what they could about it. She has volunteer musicians who help out. The choir sounds amazing, and the choir members are so friendly and kind. I like to sing and dance with them. They ask volunteers to help with hospitality and music lessons.

If you want to volunteer, you should visit the website at

Look for a film about Voices of Our City Choir on PBS in 2018, called “The Homeless Chorus Speaks”.

I am amazed by the great things happening in San Diego, California, my hometown. And the awesome people who are making great things happen. I loved making this show about how we can all help each other to live well and then end up helping ourselves live well too! See you next time.

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