Last year we had the best time ever trick or treating in Mission Hills. I dressed up like Michael Jackson in the Beat It video. My baby cousin was Elvis Presley. This year we wore matching shirts that said “Cousin Crew” but we couldn’t go trick or treating the way we did last year. This year we went to the San Diego Zoo for Halgloween. 

Halgloween is the San Diego Zoo’s night time celebration. Kids wore costumes and attended the bubble dance party. And musicians sang fun songs on stage. There were glowing lights all through the park. And of course the animals, many of them who sleep in the day, were there for us to view.



We saw giraffes and elephants who were busy eating, and the polar bear was rolling around before he went to sleep. We heard wild and strange “caw, caw” noises and growls. We visited our distant relatives, the flamingos (inside joke).

It was great fun. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at Christmas at the world-famous San Diego Zoo!

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