Families of Every Kind

I love my family. I have a mom, 2 uncles, an aunt, 2 cousins, a grandma, a great-grandma, and 4 dogs.

And those are just the family members I see every day. I have a lot more than that. And I have friends that feel like family to me too.

But that’s what’s great. There are all kinds of families and families come in all different sizes. No two are alike. They love us and take care of us, and we love and take care of them, too.

I love doing things with my family.

Outdoor Family Fun

In this episode, I got to go for a hike with my Uncle Max at Chollas Lake. It’s a part of the City of San Diego’s Chollas Community Park.

You can go for a walk or hike right in the middle of town and pretend you’re on a big adventure in the wilderness.

Then I visited the County of San Diego’s Louis A. Stelzer Park, and Park Ranger Kyle Icke talked about the ways that families can have fun there. This park is in Lakeside, CA and has playgrounds and bridges, oak trees, hiking trails, and a campsite. It was so much fun.

At both parks you could have a picnic with your family.

But other ways to have fun with family is to have dinner with them without TVs or phones or tablets or game systems. Just talking to each other and catching up.

I also love visiting new and exciting places with my family, whether it’s here in San Diego, or in other cities. I just love being with my family.

And spending time with your family is another way we can live well every day.


More Ways to Live Well with Your Family

Here are some ideas:

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Here are different kinds of families:

Traditional Family * Extended Family * Nuclear Family * Single Parent Family * Step Family Family * Work Family * Church Family * Adopted Family * Childless Family * Grandparent Family * Foster Family * Resource Family * Military Family * Host Family

Do you know of others? How would you describe your family? I would love to hear about your family and the fun things that you like to do with them? Leave me a comment below!

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