In this episode, I learned about places that help people to live well in different ways, and I learned that everyday people like you and me can help others to live well also.

Volunteers of America

I sat down with Mr. Gerald McFadden from Volunteers of America. He gets to help people change their lives. He calls it seeing a new miracle every day. Mr. Gerald thinks that love, hugs, and fun are what help us to live well. I think so too!

You can learn more about how to volunteer at Volunteers of America, by visiting their website at

TERI, Inc.

Then I met Mr. Greg Snaer from TERI, Inc. This place helps everyone, from babies to elders, to live well. Some people think differently and see the world differently. People call it autism. Mr. Greg and TERI help them by growing and cooking organic food for them, helping them ride horses, make art projects, act in plays, make music and move to the music. I went to a music and movement class with some of the kids at TERI. It was so much fun.

All of these activities help the kids and adults at TERI feel connected to each other and to the world they live in. It helps them live well. And volunteers help out. Big groups, whole families, and other people help out.

To learn how you can get involved with TERI, Inc., especially if you’re in North San Diego, visit their website at

The Arc of San Diego

Then I visited Mr. Michael Mathers at the ARC of San Diego. He told me that volunteering is like giving a present, but it is a gift of your time in the community to help others instead of things like toys or clothes.

The ARC is a place that helps disabled children and adults. Mr. Michael says that being disabled means you have different abilities. Over 100 volunteers help the ARC clients every month to help them get services, learn about life, sing, exercise and make music. There is a wellness center too, made so that even people in wheelchairs can exercise, and volunteers help everyone with all kinds of abilities to live well.

Mr. Michael says every month clients of the ARC volunteer 1000 hours at other places to help others live well. They help at places like the Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity, and PetCo, where they help pets who are waiting to be adopted. Wow!! 1000 hours!! That is so cool!

To find out how you can get involved at The Arc of San Diego, visit

Department of Animal Services – County of San Diego

Speaking of pets, there’s a place for people who would like to volunteer to help animals as well. I met with Mr. Dan De Sousa and Ms. Rosie Rascon at the County of San Diego’s Department of Animal Services. People help the animals by walking the dogs, petting them, and playing with them. They also play with the cats and rabbits. That’s called enrichment. They have hamsters and Iguanas and snakes for adoption. Also horses and pigs! But no elephants. So sad.

Volunteers help was the animals, and wash their toys and bedding too. I met a log of animals waiting for adoption, and the volunteers who were helping them.

For more information on how you can become an animal services volunteer, check out

I had so much fun filming this episode. Everywhere I went I met new friends and learned new ways to help others. And I discovered that when we help others live well, we are helping ourselves to live well, too!

But that’s not all. And in Part Two of this episode, I learn about other places that help others. I just couldn’t fit it all in one show. I’m exhausted…

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