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How to Make Roblox Groups

How to Make Roblox Groups

How to Make Roblox Groups

By Caleb with Curls

What is a roblox Group?

A Roblox Group is a team of players. When you make it, you’re the highest ranking. But when you join a Group someone else created, that person is the highest rank, and you’re a member. The higher your rank the more things you can do.

Why would you want to make a group?

Roblox Groups are a great way to talk online with people who relate to you or have the same feelings about things. This is a good way to make you happy. But you still need to be safe, like when people say stuff like “You’re my friend” but in real life they don’t know you. Or “Show me a picture of you on Instagram.” Be safe and always watch out for stalkers and old people who are weird.

What can you do in a Group?

In a group you can make games for your group, clothing for your avatar, make friends and talk, create roles, and play with people in your group. Pretty much it’s just to have fun. 😀

How do you make a group?

First you’ll want to go to groups and press create in Roblox.

You also need 100 Robux to get started. Go to Google to find a picture icon – That’s your group image.

Make a name for your group, add a description, and press buy.

Then when you’re done, go to the top right corner.

Press configure group.

Add roles like, Admins(A rank which can do limited stuff), Members(A person who joined the group), And anything that goes with your group

You can change roles and add members.

To get more members, make ads and commercials.

And last but not least… Enjoy!

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