Star Wars (Explained by Caleb With Curls)

Star Wars is the GREATEST fictional series EVER in my opinion. But, there are a LOT of people who don’t know what Star Wars is, so let me explain. Star Wars are fictional space wars and battles, almost like Star Trek but the characters are different.

The Characters and Their Weapons

The 2 main groups in the series are called Jedi and Sith. Those two groups have weapons called Lightsabers that can cut through metal or a planet! Well, only one Lightsaber can cut through a planet… so scratch that.

Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, Troopers, Republicans, Clones, CiS Droids, and other species including humans have “Blasters.” Also, the group in charge is called the Republic. They are like Star Wars cops but they have millions of allies from different species. A blaster is a weapon created by the Republic; they also look like guns, but Blasters are super different. Here are the ways:

  1. Most blasters have a scope.
  2. Instead of bullets they use lasers
  3. They have red, yellow, blue, and green colors

The Vehicles

Now, you guys know rockets and spaceships from N.A.S.A. but these spaceships in Star Wars are a lot different. Some are round, some are square, some are triangular, some are big, some are small, and some are a mix! The Rebels have a ship for their troopers called the X-Wing and the Imperials have a ship called the TIE-Fighter, they both have lasers built Inside them and they look pretty cool. The best spaceship/space station in the world, in my opinion, is the Death Star.

This Is the lego Version, You can learn more through the Link!   The Lego Death Star.

My favorite part of Star Wars is The Force.

The Force

The force is a magical power made by the universe. The Force can be used in good or bad ways. Here’s a quote from a Smuggler himself talking to someone from STAR WARS EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE.  “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” –Han Solo.  There are 2 important things about The Force. Levitating, which means making something float or rise, and Telekinesis, Which means moving things with your mind.

Jedi and Sith use a lot of Force Powers, here’s a list for you.

Jedi can use:

  • Jedi Mind trick
  • Force Speed
  • And Force Stealth

Sith can use:

  • Force Fear
  • Combustion
  • Force Jump
  • Force Illusion
  • Force Rage
  • Force Scream
  • Force Storm
  • Deadly Sight

Both can use:

  • Force Choke
  • Force Push
  • Force Pull
  • Force Teleportation
  • And Force Levitate

May the 4th Be With You

There is so much more to the world of Star Wars, but hopefully, you learned a lot from this. I hope that after reading this, you will find the force within yourself. I also hope you check out Star Wars for yourself. And don’t forget, may The Force be with you.

Fun fact: Star Wars is set in “a galaxy far, far away…” But we live in solar system in our own galaxy, called the Milky Way. You can read more about it here.

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