This Summer I went to the Live Well San Diego 5k Walk/Run at Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego. The event was put on by the County of San Diego, the San Diego Blood Bank and the San Diego County Credit Union.

The park is very pretty. And you can reach it by the trolley. There are beautiful ceramic sculptures that remind me of Mexico. The playground offers climbing and sliding and swinging and jumping, and did I say climbing?

Yes, the park itself is worth a return visit. But the walk/run was super fun, too.

I got to go on stage with Mr. Nick Macchione. He’s the Agency Director for the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services. He really believes that people deserve to live a great life here in San Diego. He’s kind of a big deal.

The Discovery Expo was not your usual health fair because it featured many different organizations that help people live well. From financial literacy to organic gardening, to ways to mosquito-proof your yard—this collection of organizations is reaching out to everyday people, so they can be healthy and safe, and then thrive.

I also met with Mr. Nick, to talk about all of the great things that I learned at the Expo. And guess what? We had such a great chat, that he presented me with an award and said that I was the youngest Live Well Champion EVER! Guess I’m kind of a big deal too. We came up with a great plan to launch a new series for my channel called 101 Ways to Live Well Every Day.

The first episode is launching November 8, 2017 on my YouTube channel, so it’s a great time to subscribe! If you work for an organization that helps people live well every day, maybe you could be on my show too. To find out more, check out this link:

For more information on next year’s walk/run, check out And see you on July 29, 2018, for the next Live Well San Diego 5K!

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