This episode of Caleb With Curls is all about the dentist! I know that sometimes going to the dentist can be super scary. But I teamed up with Dr. Ali Asgari and his amazing staff at Kidmazing Dental, to show you what happens when you go for your dental check-ups.

First, we took a tour of Kidmazing Dental to see the x-ray room, the hygiene room, and the giant chalkboard! We also had a very special patient waiting for me to learn all about check-ups and cleanings.

I had so much fun with Dr. Ali! He showed me all of his tools and how to use them, to help keep our teeth healthy! 

This was a great experience, and if you’re in the San Diego and looking for a great dentist, I would recommend you check out… and tell them Caleb With Curls sent you!

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