Movie Reviews: The Sleepover (spoiler alert)

Dear Fans,

I loved The Sleepover movie so much!!

The sleepover is a story about two parents who get kidnapped by ninjas during a sleepover. Viewers can expect to see a comedy, action, and adventure movie. The main characters are Kevin, Clancy, Ron, Margot, Lewis, and Mim.

The plot was started when one of the characters, Kevin was caught on camera dancing when a bully went live. A bit later the mom, Margot stopped the bullies and threatened them for messing with her son!. The daughter, Clancy, was upset with her parents when she wanted to go to a party and they replied with a no.

Kevin is having a sleepover with his friend Lewis, and Clancy and her friend Mim plan to sneak out. At this time, Lewis goes to pee but hears some people coming. He quickly hides, then the parents got kidnapped by Ninjas! He ran back to the tent telling the others “Ninja’s just stole your parents!” Then the adventure starts when they go to find their parents! (a couple of things happen that are kinda important, but I leave you to watch it. But I’m just gonna skip to the end.) The story follows the kids as they learn their mom was a thief. And she gets into all kinds of trouble. In the end, the family comes together to rescue each other. The moral of the story is: To NEVER mess with this family.

I liked this movie because it is movie magic. The effects, drama, and comedy are what make this my new favorite movie. This movie was also packed with action! My favorite action scene was when Margot, legit, karate kicked the bodyguards!!! The best comedy scenes were Kevin dancing in the bathroom, Kevin and Lewis finding Pirate clothes, and when the dad has his 2 strong fingers, from being a pastry chef, and captured the bad guy. The bad guy said: “How are your fingers so strong?!?!” and the dad replied with: “I’m a pastry chef!”

I recommend this movie because it’s just crazy, and I recommend this movie for kids! I recommend this because it’s gonna make you dance a lot and laugh.

Whelp that’s it for today my children, Goodbye!

From: Caleb With Curls.


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